Lesser processing time, higher chances of an interview and finally the highest salaries and highest pay rates – these are what you achieve by partnering with Benchteq.

In the job market, job seekers who stay unemployed for some time may grab whatever job opportunities come their way, which can lead to a wrong decision with no job or pay satisfaction. And those on a contract job will want their next job ready even before their current assignments end.

Benchteq turns job search a non-taxing and less time consuming task. Our virtual offshore job search agents will help you reach your target without having to go through all the trouble. They are backed by years of expertise in the industry


We undertake the task of marketing your resume.

  • Understanding the candidate’s expertise
  • Formulating a well written and impressive resume
  • Publicising the resume through various job search engines and other non-conventional forums
  • Hunting and applying for jobs that fit the candidate’s skills and experience
  • Interacting with the partnering team regarding all the details of the opportunity
  • Ensuring that parameters specified by partner’s candidate are met
  • Providing contact details of candidate to recruiter for technical screening

Our virtual offshore job search agents assess the job in-depth on your behalf and save you loads of time and efforts.  our virtual team will work in your time zone and help your onsite team get excellent job search results fast.


  • No handling of the nitty grittie’s of the job hunt
  • Benchteq team works in your specific time zone
  • Publication of resumes in all the leading job search engines/websites
  • Submission of resumes to the right employment agencies
  • First point of contact for all, directing the best of opportunities your way
  • No salary negotiations; interview happens only for the highest paying jobs
  • Complete access to your job search agent and regular updates about progress
  • Follow-ups and scheduling done on your behalf


Global reach with local expertise

Decades of experience & support by our entire network—meaning you get access to expertise and insights from around the globe.

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Recruitment Specialists

We’re always looking for new ways to deliver value to our clients to land in to their dream job.

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On-Demand Recruiters

Benchteq’s provides you with on demand access to our recruiting and sourcing talent. Insightful, practical solutions that will truly make a difference.

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Let us connect and work on your job search