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Support Overview

Key Highlights

icon Complete exposure of your job-related issues

icon Impartation of practical knowledge & skills

icon Real-time expert guidelines

icon Assistance on critical situations at job

icon Help in understanding technology workflow

icon Guidance according to future requirements

icon Customized feedbacks on assignments

icon Reliable and affordable services

icon Services according to clients’ needs

icon Solving the problem at given amount of time

Problems in understanding the new technology you have been assigned ? Dont worry, we are there to help you solve your problem.

Technology areas we support in RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support

Are you looking for someone who can help you to complete your RPA Automation Anywhere  Project ?

If your answer is ” YES ” to Above question then , we are here to support your profession.

  • Get Online Technical advice / Support on your project from our highly qualified and expert faculty.
  • Get our Java Professional to complete your project partly or fully at any task level.
  • Get your project completed with satisfaction and cooperation from our resources.
  • Get what you want at your convenience.

We’re Known as high-skilled marketplace, and we see an acute pain point within that area.

Our Advantages


Developer on Demand

Our methodologies provide 1 on 1 support to the clients, which help them to solve the specific problems.


Real-Time Support

You can get real-time support that allows you to get the problem solved at the right moment whenever you need.


No-risk trial

Every time you work with a new Teqie, you will have a trial period to decide whether they meet your needs or not.

Salesforce Online Training

Hire the best freelancers.
Screened by us, Perfect for you

  • Benchteq is always ready to serve you pick up your phone, tell your requirement to get quality services from real time experts.
  • We are strongly committed & won’t quit till you achieve your goal!
  • Least turnaround time for guaranteed resolution of varied tech issues in comparison to other agencies for Job Support from India.
  • Get 2 days No Risk trial to decide whether our Tequie meets your expectations. If you don’t find them to be confident, you won’ be charged (you can even keep any work completed during the trial).

Job support Impact

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best task Plan

Salesforce Online Training in India
Salesforce Certification Training in India

Task Plan

We are team of highly qualified and experienced Job Support experts are confident enough and ready to take any challenges and able to fix or resolve any issues which you are facing in your project.


  • Hourly Job Support
  • Weekly Job Support
  • Half Month Job Support
  • Monthly Job Support

Task Duration (in Hours)

≤ 5

≤ 7

≤ 15

≤ 35


Standard Plan

You can hire our dedicated job support resource for your ongoing project on a monthly basis. It happens to be a pay-as-you-go rolling contract with a dedicated resource for monthly payments. he/she will be dedicatedly working for your project as per your requirement.

Salient Features of Dedicated / Standard Plan

  • Single Dedicated resource in a specific technology.
  • Monthly billing with no hidden charges.
  • A minimum 40 hours of assured productive support in a month.
  • No-hidden costs / additional payments.

Flexible Plan

Now a days few projects need multiple skills that a single dedicated resource might not be suffice. so it is likely that you need more than one developer to fulfil the project requirement. In this plan you can hire developers on a weekly basis with a maximum of 3 in a month.

Salient Features of Flexible Plan

  • Flexible / Dynamic allocation of resources as per need.
  • Maximum of 3 resources allocated on Weekly basis.
  • Constant follow-up by project manager for task completion.
  • No additional payments for additional resources.

Hire an Expert & Get
Your job done .

Would you like to speak to one of our advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support System?

    Automation Anywhere is an RPA tool that empowers organizations to automate the processes which are executed by humans. It is a Web-Based Management system which utilizes a Control Room to run the Automated tasks. But it is neither easy to understand nor easy to apply. BenchTeq, with its RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support System, helps you to use this tool efficiently so that you can automate end to end business operations for your organization with the help of this tool efficiently.

    How does RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support work?

    RPA Automation Anywhere job support is provided online by BenchTeq. You can choose your preferred medium of communication like voice call or video call. We provide online job support to all the freshers and beginners who have just moved out of the country, especially countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, for jobs like RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support experts. We understand how tough it is to perform under the constant pressure of performing the best to reach the desired level in your Job. Thus, we provide you online job support anywhere anytime you want to enhance your skills and provide you with great opportunities.

    Why should I take RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support from Benchteq?

    BenchTeq is a leading name in the industry. We have made our esteemed reputation in the market all over the world because of the best services we provide to our clients at the best prices possible. We work according to different time-zones, and hence no matter which country you are in, we can provide you RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support from india at any time of the day. Our client’s testimonials speak for our credibility. Our experts are skilled, highly technical, knowledgeable professionals, who are driven to their Job with passion and guarantee you with high-quality work.

    What happens if I am not satisfied with a BenchTeq expert?

    BenchTeq comprises of experts who have gained expertise with their adequate knowledge and successful real-time experiences. We train our experts with communication skills to communicate and approach our clients in a better way. But if even then you face any difficulty or encounter any problem with your current BenchTeq expert, you can talk to our team and report about it. We will surely provide you with a solution. You will be assigned a new BenchTeq expert who will guide you with an improvised understanding of your needs.

    What are the different options available for RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support?

    BenchTeq provides a variety of options to choose from, like Monthly job support option, Half-monthly job support option, weekly job support option, hourly job support option, and task-based job support option. You can choose either of these to acquire job support from our team. All these options are flexible and versatile. You are provided with enough room to modify each of these plans according to your needs and requirements. Our BenchTeq experts will guide you to cater to the best plan which suits you—accordingly, the option you chose for the RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support.

    What is the mode of payment?

    We generally accept online payments through ZELLE PAY, IMPS, NEFT, UPI, Western Union, Paytm, and many more. These are the easiest and convenient ways to pay us online, according to us. But if none of these modes suit you, you can choose your preferred mode of payment and talk to our experts about it. If our team finds it reliable, authorized, and secure, you will be allowed to pay us using your preferred mode of payment. Please remember to pay full in advance. We do not accept installments.

    What will be the timings for the RPA Automation Anywhere job support?

    The timings are flexible. They depend on the option you chose for the RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support. We work according to different time zones. Hence you don’t have to worry about the hours of the day for the job support. The timings vary according to the option you chose. For monthly job support options, we usually provide you with two hours of job support per weekday, whereas for half-monthly Job support, the hours for each weekday extend upto three. For task-based job support, the timings are decided after analyzing the complexity, structure, and deadline of the project. Also you can opt for online training of RPA Automation.

    Will I get RPA Automation Anywhere job support on weekends?

    If you have opted for a task-based job support option and your submission date is near, you don’t have to worry. Our team will automatically provide you with weekend support to submit your project on time with zero errors and high quality. Though, in usual cases, you need to inform our BenchTeq team for weekend support so that they can provide you with that. We aim to fulfill all your needs and requirements with complete satisfaction in the job support. Thus, once you are associated with us, we will provide you job support whenever you need it.

    When should I make payment for the RPA Automation Anywhere job support service I like to avail of?

    Before we begin your full-fledged RPA Automation Anywhere job support system, you will be asked to make the payment. We neither have a refund policy or an installment policy. Thus, you are requested with prior notice to be assured of availing our service. Please do the market survey of the features and prices we offer for our RPA Automation Anywhere Job Support service. You can talk to our expert ‘n’ number of times before making the decision. Please clear all your doubts, before-hand. So that once you have made the payment, the process is easy for you and us both.

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