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Frequently asked questions


Job support Features

At Benchteq, we serve our clients around the clock to provide Job Support from India.

Frequently Asked Questions on our Job Support service…


Why should I take Job support from India?

Asking for help is not a bad idea, mainly if you are stuck in an issue for a long duration of time. As per our experience, today’s world is too comparative. No client is ready to wait till his worker learns and does the task. In most of the cases, clients are switching workers if they do not meet their needs. Due to this volatile situation, people are not able to survive. To avoid this type of situation in your career or path, we recommend you connect to a helping hand that can assist you and guide you in times of urgency. In our Job Support daily, we meet many clients who are facing this type of issue. We are providing this service from India at a minimal cost. In this way, you can solve your project issues quickly.

Our Consultants not only help you in solving your problem but also hand hold you to do it. so that next time you can do it on your own. Apart from completing the task you have the knowledge sharing. Our services are very reliable and most affordable.we provide online job support for professionals all across the world.

Which technologies does Benchteq provide support?

We help IT, professionals, by providing them online On-Job Support in 100+ technologies. If you have any difficulty or you need an expert to guide you to complete your project then Benchteq will be the right choice for you. Our expert consultants will connect with you remotely to solve your complex project requirements in real-time.

  • What are the key factors you check before accepting the project for job support?
    We always cross-check the technical stack of the task before proceeding for Job support. By cross-checking the project technically, we avoid miscommunication between you and our faculty. This type of pre-analysis boosts rapid project development. We always estimate difficult levels of each task to understand how hard to implement current scenarios with the most advanced technology.
  • How can I trust your Tequie that they can give the best job support?
    Generally, the Tequie spends more time on analysis of the issue and for giving the right solution too. Well, this type of latency you do not find in our online Job Support. Most of our faculty are certified professionals and have more than 10 years of real project experience. Each faculty well trained to analyse the issues in-depth and provide solutions to meet your project needs. Our subject expert faculty provide each job support session with proper answers and a detailed explanatory solution for the problems.
How Benchteq I different from other service providers?

Technical Advice :

Before giving you any technical advice, we will ask you a set of questions related to your project for example ‘What is your project technical stack?’, ‘Are you ready to update your project if required?’.These types of questions help us to understand your project’s existing conditions and provide the solution as per that. By providing technical advice, we guide you to choose the right job support duration for your project. For example: if project issues are minor, we recommend hourly job support. We suggest opting for weekly job support if we find project needs more than 3 hours of support.

Task Completion:

Get our job support professionals to assist you in completing your duty. It does not matter the complexity level of the project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We have been in Job Support for years, and we are looking for clients like you. We heavily invest in our professionals to ensure you get the best service ever.

High Availability:

Compared to any other Job support services, Benchteq provides Job support services from India with high availability. Our facility availability was 99% last year. This High availability we achieved because of the below capabilities.

  1. No internet outage.
  2. No hardware issues as we provide each support faculty spare laptop.
  3. Our helpers are always available in WhatsApp for instant communication.
  4. We provide on-call voice support, so please call on +1 (973) 333-4469 for instant help.

We accept if we don’t know.

Nowadays, technology is boundary-less. Many big companies are announcing new frameworks with many features. Technical stacks are getting outdated very soon. Our support faculty also human beings, and we agree we can’t answer every technical issue. In these cases, we update you if not able to do the project due to any technical issues.

  • I heard the Flexi Support approach in job support. How do you implement it?
    Yes, we provide multi-skill support for some of the projects where the project needs multiple skills. we plug with the right resources for the project and finish the task in fast mode. The main problem with a Flexi-support approach is it increases job support cost, as we need to manage multiple resources until getting all the requirements of the project. By using Flexi Support you can resolve the issue of dealing with multiple people for your project.
  • Do you provide rapid job Support if I have an urgent task which needs to finish in 24hrs?
    Yes, we provide urgent support for tasks that need to finish in the next 24hrs. We call this type of service “Express Job Support”. As part of express job support, we do instant analysis, and we provide you with report possible solutions for a given task. You can relax and tension free once you hand over tasks to us. Call us on +1 (973) 333-4469 to know more about “Express Job Support”.
What is the Mode of payment ?

The best options for payment would be, PayPal, Western Union or Wire Transfer.

what will be the timings for the job support?

You can fix the timings based on your comfort and availability of our consultant.

Will i get supports on Weekends ?

Monthly support plans are restricted to only week days. If you have project deadlines and need weekend support, we can work on weekends based on our consultant & your availability. Please give us a call or WhatsApp us for details.

When should i make payment for the job support service i like to avail ?

You will be connected with the consultant with whom you will be working and after 2 sessions, only if you are comfortable you will need to pay for rest of the month.

Payment Related Questions

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