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Key Highlights

icon Complete exposure of your job-related issues

icon Impartation of practical knowledge & skills

icon Real-time expert guidelines

icon Assistance on critical situations at job

icon Help in understanding technology workflow

icon Guidance according to future requirements

icon Customized feedbacks on assignments

icon Reliable and affordable services

icon Services according to clients’ needs

icon Solving the problem at given amount of time

Problems in understanding the new technology you have been assigned ? Dont worry, we are there to help you solve your problem.

Technology areas we support in Angular.js Job Support

Are you looking for someone who can help you to complete your Angular.js Project ?

If your answer is ” YES ” to Above question then , we are here to support your profession.

  • Get Online Technical advice / Support on your project from our highly qualified and expert faculty.
  • Get our Java Professional to complete your project partly or fully at any task level.
  • Get your project completed with satisfaction and cooperation from our resources.
  • Get what you want at your convenience.

We’re Known as high-skilled marketplace, and we see an acute pain point within that area.

Our Advantages


Developer on Demand

Our methodologies provide 1 on 1 support to the clients, which help them to solve the specific problems.


Real-Time Support

You can get real-time support that allows you to get the problem solved at the right moment whenever you need.


No-risk trial

Every time you work with a new Teqie, you will have a trial period to decide whether they meet your needs or not.

Hire the best freelancers.
Screened by us, Perfect for you

  • Benchteq is always ready to serve you pick up your phone, tell your requirement to get quality services from real time experts.
  • We are strongly committed & won’t quit till you achieve your goal!
  • Least turnaround time for guaranteed resolution of varied tech issues in comparison to other agencies for Job Support from India.
  • Get 2 days No Risk trial to decide whether our Tequie meets your expectations. If you don’t find them to be confident, you won’ be charged (you can even keep any work completed during the trial).

Job support Impact

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best task Plan

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Task Plan

We are team of highly qualified and experienced Job Support experts are confident enough and ready to take any challenges and able to fix or resolve any issues which you are facing in your project.


  • Hourly Job Support
  • Weekly Job Support
  • Half Month Job Support
  • Monthly Job Support

Task Duration (in Hours)

≤ 5

≤ 7

≤ 15

≤ 35


Standard Plan

You can hire our dedicated job support resource for your ongoing project on a monthly basis. It happens to be a pay-as-you-go rolling contract with a dedicated resource for monthly payments. he/she will be dedicatedly working for your project as per your requirement.

Salient Features of Dedicated / Standard Plan

  • Single Dedicated resource in a specific technology.
  • Monthly billing with no hidden charges.
  • A minimum 40 hours of assured productive support in a month.
  • No-hidden costs / additional payments.

Flexible Plan

Now a days few projects need multiple skills that a single dedicated resource might not be suffice. so it is likely that you need more than one developer to fulfil the project requirement. In this plan you can hire developers on a weekly basis with a maximum of 3 in a month.

Salient Features of Flexible Plan

  • Flexible / Dynamic allocation of resources as per need.
  • Maximum of 3 resources allocated on Weekly basis.
  • Constant follow-up by project manager for task completion.
  • No additional payments for additional resources.

Hire an Expert & Get
Your job done .

Would you like to speak to one of our advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the Angular Job Support System?

    Are you facing challenges while developing Angular applications? Our Angular Job Support team understands the technical difficulties you might face in your web project assignments. Our highly experienced professionals provide you the ease to perform your tasks efficiently. With the help of the experience and knowledge, our Angular Job Support team is capable of applying the right technological tools to help you. You get to learn Angular programming techniques with real-time examples. We deliver error free and bug free work timely. Through our online Angular Job Support System, we intend to help you with your everyday Angular tasks and project challenges.

    How does Angular Job Support work?

    Our online Job support system offers assistance to the fresh candidates who have just moved outside India for Angular development jobs. Our team is highly capable of providing support to people who aren’t able to understand and implement the right Angular tactics. We provide one on one interactions to our clients through phone or web as per their requirements. We understand how hard it is to perform in a new job environment. Therefore, we provide all the necessary job support virtually from India to enhance your performance. We provide job support for all the latest versions of Angular.

    Why should I take Angular.js Job Support from BenchTeq?

    Our skilled Angular.js programmers are highly equipped with all the latest syntax of this typed language. They will help you save time, avoid errors, and get the most out of your investment. All you need to do is connect with our highly trained developers and designers, and they will find you the best and correct structure, language, and database for your needs. Our engineers and technicians in our Angular development company work hard to support your business in every means possible through their resources.

    Our Angular.js Job Support team comprises of professionals who are experts in removing all the blockages from your Angular task. We provide you timely delivery of your project. In addition, you can learn all the latest techniques and versions constantly being added in the Angular library. You can totally trust us for any kind of facing problem in angular.js. Our team is highly qualified to solve all your support and development issues. We are specialist in delivering on-time work with the greatest level of efficiency. We keep all our details confidential.

    What happens if I am not satisfied with a BenchTeq expert?

    Our Angular.js Job Support has till now successfully completed several Angular projects successfully with great efficiency and high quality. Our Angular.js Job Support team comprises of highly experienced professionals who provides you the best level coding. If you are not satisfied with the Benchteq expert being provided to you, you can simply ask for a new expert to be allocated to you. We give highest importance to our client’s satisfaction. Even if you further want to change the expert, that would be done without any complications. We will move forward only after you are satisfied with our services.

    Which technologies does BenchTeq provide in Angular job support?

    Our Angular Job Support team comprises of experts who are also the technology innovators. They provide you with the easiest solutions for your everyday job challenges using the latest technological tools. Our team is capable of assisting you with all the versions of Angular including the old Angular JS versions and the latest 2020 versions. We provide you with the highest quality of Bugs prediction support. We assist you with the technologies JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, Java down, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Jquery, Grunt, etc. Our Angular development team provides you the adequate support for Angular 2.0, Angular 4.0, Angular 6.0, etc

    What are the different options available for the Angular Job Support?

    Benchteq provides you with broadly two kinds of options for Angular Job Support system. The first one is a monthly based plan where 2 or 3 hours sessions would be provided five days a week. The hours and the days can be increased according to the project’s complexity. The other way is to opt for task-based plan. There you will be provided with a custom-made plan specially designed for your specified task. The days and hours would be customized according to the demands of your project. You can be assured about our efficiency, quality and in time delivery of work.

    What is the mode of payment?

    For your convenience, we have an easy mode of payment. You can pay us using ZELLE PAY, UPI, NEFT, IMPS, or western union. You can choose any other world-wide accepted form or method of payment too. Please be sure of the prices we offer for our plans. The prices are flexible according to the complexities and time-demand of your project. Payment once done won’t be refunded. We charge nominal as compared to our competitors in the market and provide you the best Angular coding job support at your comfort.

    What will be the timings for the Angular js job support?

    The timings would totally depend upon the work complexity of your project. Also, they are flexible. You can customize your hour and day schedule with the Angular expert allocated to you. We provide 24*7 support to our clients.  Our top priority is to finish the work within the deadline. So, the hours and days would totally be dependent on the deadline of your project. Our team has successfully delivered some of the projects within 24hours too. Depending upon your monthly or task-based plan, you can improvise your hours with our experts.

    Will I get Angular job support on weekends?

    If your project needs an extended support upon the weekends, our Angular Job Support team will readily provide you that. We understand the work’s complexity. Hence, we ensure High quality coding and in time delivery of the project. Our team will be there to assist you 24*7. If your chosen plan doesn’t include weekend support. Benchteq provides you with the flexibility to modify it in-between. You can simply ask for the extended Job support for the weekends from our expert or talk to our representatives to discuss the time-frame. We provide high-quality work without compromising with your comfort.

    When should I make payment for the Angular job support service I like to avail of?

    Once your enquiry reaches us, one of our Angular experts will call you. You can discuss all the details and problems you are facing in your Angular task with the expert. Once you have discussed the details, our expert will guide you with the kind of solutions and approach you would need to follow for your project. If you are satisfied with the approach and solutions being offered to you, you are requested to make payments for that. Once you have made the payment, our experts will assist you with the elaborated task of supporting you using all the required measures.

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