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We are the best Online Training & Proxy Support Provider in India

Best Online Job Support

Get the best software developers to guide you to overcome any problem in your IT job with real-time projects.

Best Online Training Institute

To get answers to all your IT problems, support to overcome them, training to handle them on your own, from top mentors at affordable price.

Best Proxy Support in Hyderabad

Learn to handle all technical tools from our technical experts with one-on-one interaction online at your preferred time.

Best Online Training & Job Support provider for your Career.

Check out the list of job support services, Online Trainings & Proxy Support we offer with the best talent in the market that fit your needs !

Experience the Best

Check out the salient features list below to find the best Tequie’s that fit your needs.

Get Any It Problem Solved

In Benchteq, you will find experts that not only know Technical but also Business expertise. True craftsmanship lies in tight specialization.

Prompt Standard

We allow experts to provide a price estimate only when they are crystal clear on what your project scope is. On top of that, they have to be 100% sure they can deliver it to you as promised.


Though our prices vary from project to project, we offer you the most affordable prices in the industry. After calculating the complexities and time-frame of your project, we make sure to quote you the final-price before-hand.

Stop Searching For Freelancers

Our screening process ensures you only work with the best possible Tech talent. Moreover, you won’t spend weeks filtering out unqualified developers.Working with freelancers shouldn’t feel like a leap of faith.

Hassle free Service

Now an expert was once a beginner. We understand this very well. Aiming to get such a transformation in our client, we have adapted a unique client-friendly environment. We make sure that all our client’s needs and requirements are being fulfilled without causing any hassle.

Get Work Done Without A Hitch!

Quality & satisfaction guarantee. We provide you a generous refund policy. If things go south, you can contact us to make things right. Depending on the issue, we can help eliminate misunderstandings with your expert, find you a new one, or provide a refund.

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